I wore this to work today. Two of my clients commented that I looked like I belonged in jail with this skirt. In the fashion world, we equate stripes with style. However, to ordinary people, stripes apparently = jail. 
A few coworkers gave me compliments on this outfit, though. One woman actually called me her fashion hero. So I guess it all evens out, eh?
Here is a secret. This skirt is actually a dress. I'm wearing a t-shirt on top to keep it more modest for the office. I tucked the seam in with a belt. See?

     Nail Color: OPI Makes Men Blush, Watch and Belt: Forever 21, Dress: Target/Xhilaration, T-shirt: Old Navy, Earrings: Boutique in New Orleans

This is my cat, Leonard. His full name is Leonard Elrond Oscar Nimoy. Did you catch all the nerdy     references in there? I hope you did. If not, all will be explained later.
Happy almost Friday!

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Emily said...

Leonard looks cute in the grass!
I like that dress. I will consider purchasing it. My quest for the perfect maxi dress is never-ending.

Rania said...

Great dress!

heidiluxe said...

caught every nerdy reference, fellow nerd.

and i love the shirt over a skirt idea. i've never done it with a belt securing it. great idea!!! thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I love this look and you look good in it! Very clever wearing the shirt over the dress! I would have been super aggravated with my clients if they told I looked like I belonged in jail. They apparently know nothing about fashion!


Abi said...

great dress and earrings!

hope we can follow each other. :)