Heat Wave

Heat Wave

This is what my week looks like in outfits. I am a total nerd and plan out my work attire in advance. Polyvore is like Cher Horowitz's closet to me- I add all the items I own (or similar items) and combine them in different ways to make outfits. There is no mismatch filter though, so no guarantees on that.

We are experiencing a heath wave in the Midwest. Combine that with the fact that I am in my car almost all day and it makes me so thankful for AC.

Hope everyone is staying cool!


Party Rock

Shorts, vest, earrings, bracelet, necklace: Forever21, Shoes: Ironfist, Top: Maurices

I celebrated a friend's birthday this weekend by dressing up in the style of Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and going out to some clubs downtown. We had a great time and everyone looked amazing in their sequins, metallics and neon. 


Rockin' in the Free World

I wore this on the 4th of July. We grilled out and then walked downtown until we could see the fireworks. It was pretty, chill and exactly how I wanted to spend the holiday.

Shirt: TJ Maxx. Skirt: Express

Soon I will begin using a tripod for my photo shoots, courtesy of my dad. My dad is an actual photographer, (unlike me- who takes pictures in the bathroom mirror) and has shot nature, models and wildlife over the years. He currently designs exhibits at a museum and aquarium. I told him I was starting a fashion blog and he donated one of his old tripods to the cause. Can't wait to try it out. 

Tonight I am going out with some friends. We are dressing up like this music video by LMFAO. Here's a sneak peek at my outfit:

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Summer Weekends

My weekends have been filled with outings, mostly out of town. It has been fun and exciting but I am really appreciating having this three day weekend essentially to myself. I have been able to catch up on everything and avoid the heat- it was 114 with the heat index on Friday!

At the Gulf in Tampa 

Airport style!
Have I mentioned I hate flying? It does not scare me; planes are just so dirty and uncomfortable. 
Wearing jeggings from Target, Flats from urbanog, forever21 elephant tank and grey cardigan, and Steve Madden bag. 

Earlier this week, I adopted a baby kitten! Her name is Enid Coleslaw, after a character from the book, Ghost World. She is nine weeks old and so cute :) 

Leonard and Enid, with help from Microsoft Paint, wish you a happy 4th of July!