cardigan & necklace: forever21, boots: go jane, dress: kmart

This weather is amazing! Fall is the best time of year and I don't care what anyone says. I do not miss summer at all. Today it was less than 60 for the high. Plus it was drizzly and overcast. Swoon. I just love this moody autumnal weather! Can you believe this dress is from Kmart? Maybe you can. I was shocked to find such a cool dress there, though. Sure, it's made of polyester, but look at the tulip skirt!

Happy weekend everyone!



top: zara, pants: thrifted: sandals and cardigan: target, belt: boyfriend's

This is the last outfit post of the summer! Labor Day marks the unofficial end of the season and I will be embracing fall fashion from here on out. I ordered new booties from Aldo earlier this week and cannot wait to wear them out- they should be here by Friday :)

I bought this top while on vacation in Florida. We don't have a Zara here so I was excited. Their recent sweatshop controversy makes me uneasy about buying their clothes now, especially since the online store opens this month. I realize many stores use cheap outsourced labor and Zara is just the latest one to be exposed, but that doesn't excuse the practice. What I'm discovering is that it takes a lot of research to be an informed consumer. What do you guys think? Will you continue to shop at stores like Zara who use child labor to make their products?


Must Be the Moon

shirt and necklace: forever21, skirt: ny&co

Now that August is over I feel safe wearing boots in public. It may still be hot and muggy in the Midwest but I just cannot wear summer clothes exclusively any longer. I feel the same way at the end of winter- total wardrobe burnout. Definitely makes me thankful for the seasons!

Coincidentally, these are the local college football team's colors. The first game of the season begins in a few hours. While I am not much of a football fan, I live right in the middle of all the tailgating craziness. It's not even 9AM and people are already blasting music and drinking beer in the streets.  I'm beginning to think... if you can't beat them, join them?

Have a great weekend!