steve madden booties, forever 21 leggings, thrifted skirt, target cardigan
lipstick: pomegranate bitten

We took a scenic jaunt down to the QC a few weekends ago to shop, walk and enjoy the spring weather. I was trying on makeup for my sister's wedding and got the full demo at Sephora.


I made a Lord of the Rings themed cake for a cumulative coworker birth-week in April. Seeing as my blog is named for the aforementioned trilogy, I felt it necessary to document and post the process:

Lord of the Rings Cake by The Second Breakfast!
Cupcakes by Lisa,my talented coworker

Fondant Collage! Clockwise from top left: homemade gum paste, fondant dyes, homemade marshmallow fondant and fondant + modeling paste + gum paste

One of four chocolate cakes

Crumb-coating before the freeze- note tin foil covering the cardboard in between the layers - a must to avoid the dreaded cake-sag.

My first-ever fondant figure. Gandalf + his halfling's leaf pipe

Arwen + Gandalf hanging out on the cake

Next I added doors, the path, grass...

Fences, gold dragee for the door knob, chimney, window, eyes + eyebrows...

I added a green star-tip border on the bottom and made some gum paste daisies to place along the sides. For my first fondant adventure, I have to say I am satisfied with the results!