Ghost Town

dress: target, bag: relic, sandals: steve

Steve Madden and I are on a first name basis now. I have given him enough of money and it is time to be friendly about it.

This is my new dog, Reginald! We met at the animal shetler on a bad social work day. I was emotionally compromised and fell in love. I visited him three days in a row and the staff people were beginning to think I was a stalker. They finally told me to just take the dog. He is half l'hasa half poodle... maybe... but he is 100% adorable. 

Pics are from a recent road trip in search of Ghost Towns. This is more of a Ghost Downtown because people (who are living) actually inhabit the other parts of the town. 

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Emily Ehlers said...

Love the ghost town pics! You look great also!

Egle Kazlauskaite said...

cute outfit http://fashionrubies.blogspot.co.uk/