And As The Summer's Ending

Do other regions besides the Midwest have the retail chain Four Seasons? My sister and I used to make fun of it when we were kids because their commercials were so ridiculous and over the top. They regularly featured middle aged woman gasping and giggling while posing in really unnatural positions. They seemed to specialize in festive cardigans (the ones with functional Christmas lights) and they loved their light wash, high waisted taper jeans with the wide-set back pockets. You know of what I speak!

Anyway, this shirt is from Four Seasons. They recently opened a new store in the college campus area of the city and it definitely caters to a much younger audience. Or maybe... just maybe... I am getting older and finally relating to their style. Not sure which is more accurate and I'm not going to worry about it!

Take care and stay cool!


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Chrissabella said...

Great outfit and love that shirt!

Rainy greetings from London.

chris x