My Animals

I have a lot of animals. Four cats and one dog, to be exact. 

It started with Leonard. Leonard came from the animal shelter.  I knew I wanted a black cat because they are really handsome and have good personalities, so I asked one of the volunteers who the coolest back cat was and he said, "Leonard is a pretty cool cat." He was so right.

Leonard and I have been roommates for many years. When I lived in my tiny studio apartment in college, Leonard sat perched in the window every time I got home from class. Except for one time he was in the trash can eating garbage. That was the day Leonard learned about baths. 

I adopted Tiberius next. I wasn't even planning on getting a cat that day. My job at the time had me taking a group of volunteers to the animal shelter every week and when this little siamese cat popped up one day, I couldn't resist. He was really rude at first actually but he has calmed down a lot. Now he really likes drinking out of the faucet and meows for the water to be turned on.

Then I moved again and suddenly there were two more cats!

Four cats!

The latest addition to the pack was Reggie, also from the shelter. He's about two years old and is some variation of a poodle mix. I think he is a schnoodle, but l'hasapoo is also a possibility.

All the animals get along pretty well. Sometimes I hear distant hissing but with cats it almost always sounds worse than it is. Especially Tiberius because he is a big baby. It took the animals maybe two weeks to get used to each other and after that things just keep getting better. I highly recommend Feliway if you're having cat behavior issues, by the way. It is a synthetic version of a natural cat pheromone which makes them feel calmer. It plugs into the wall like an air freshener and it works!

Have a good weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Dearest Fierce fashionista,

I honestly hope you are not offended by this, but I am looking at the pics of Reggie...and I now know where Witness Protection has placed Chewbacca.

Take care.

Christy said...

Your cats are so cute :) I'm glad they all relatively get along pretty well! Sometimes that's the hardest part about having multiple animals.


Laura Go said...

awwww you have lots of (super cute adorable) animal friends!!! I just love Leonard's face-- he looks so snobby! hee hee! And I just love the name Tiberius!

Second Breakfast said...

Close but no cigar! Reggie is the result of an illicit affair between Chewbacca and an Ewok one night on the forest moon of Endor.

Second Breakfast said...

Thanks! Yeah, it can be really tricky trying to socialize all the little guys but it is definitely worth it :-)

Second Breakfast said...

Haha, so spot on... Leonard is a total snob! Tiberius' name comes from James Tiberius Kirk and Leonard's last name is Nimoy... they are Trekkie Cats.