Sky Blue Sky

shirt (actually a dress): available at target, skirt: derek lam for kohl's (it is on clearance now!), sandals: ancient clearance from target- similar here, necklace/sunnies: forever 21

Super hot here in the Midwest! 99 degrees today and the weatherman called the humidity "oppressive". 

I recently quit my day job. Changes in policy at the state level are impacting mental health services in a bad way. I really love doing social work, especially working with people with mental illness, but the state where I live is making it really hard to stay in the field. As much as I wanted to stay and fight, being forced to provide sub-par services because of budget cuts was ethically challenging for me. Basically, I just don't agree with the way the state is managing mental health care and since I worked for the government, it felt like I was part of the problem. I am doing freelance quality assurance/consulting/grant writing for various agencies now and the change of pace is great!

Lots of people I know who are in their 20s are having a tough time right now. Are we all having a quarter-life crisis? It is easy to get kinda existential about things sometimes. Who are we? What is the purpose of our existence? Etc. I have determined (for now) that life is meant to be challenging, and once we accept that we can find the happiness and joy in our day-to-day activities. I am a firm believer that good cannot exist without bad, so I am trying to look at the "bad" things with perspective and realizing that life's crappier moments make the pleasant ones easier to appreciate. 

Keep Calm and Stay Cool!


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Iris Ruiz said...

Wow, gorgeous look! I love the skirt!
Definitely following!


Milex said...


Cake Couture said...

Love the outfit!


The Fashann Monster said...

I love this as a summer uniform. Simple but stylish.

The Fashann Monster

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Absolutely stunning!

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Carla Sanz said...

great pics!
i love the outfit
maybe we can follow each other :) let me know

Angel of Chaos said...

I dig the style. Mental health has become an industry. It is no longer about helping people become stable and independent. You are too good for that anyway.

Second Breakfast said...

So true about mental health becoming an industry. It is too bad because the people receiving services deserve so much better. We'll see what happens I guess! Btw heard a story about a certain painting with water skiers and corn dogs? Would you happen to know about this?

Angel of Chaos said...

Haha I may have been an accessory to that. I'm only responsible for my guy "The Dude and the "crazy flying head" in the tree. And i'm sorry those things do not look like corn dogs at all. xxx lol