Summer Chevron

dress: kmart, shoes: target (old), wallet: also target, coffee: greatest grains

It feels like summer! I am wearing an $18 dress from Kmart, do you guys ever shop there? It may seem like an unlikely place to find clothes but I am often pleasantly surprised by the "attention" brand. Also, if you have large hands like me, attention brand bracelets are sized slightly larger than most and will actually fit. So affordable, too! The dress, like most dresses, is slightly see-through but I just wore a slip underneath. I can already tell I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of this dress in the next few months and have already received tons of compliments on it. Overall good purchase!

Watermelon toenails: apply one coat of pink, let dry. Paint a light green stripe across the tip, let dry and then paint the dark green rind, leaving a sliver of the light green rind exposed. Finally add black dots with a toothpick to make the seeds.

Thanks for reading :-)