Fields of Gold

After a brief hiatus from blogging, I am back just in time for my favorite season. Fall is here and we midwesterners have lucked out with perfect weather. Normally our autumns get cut short by long hot summers and impatient winters, but this year has been glorious.

I found this vest ten years ago at a thrift store in the Quad Cities. The label says Alpine Ski but it reminds me of Marty McFly or Michael Jackson. It's very warm and seems to always effortlessly be neither in or out of style.

In any case, it's great to be back and although I'm not going to make promises, I hope to be blogging more often from here forward. As always, thanks for reading!

Anna @TSB

boots: MIA, jeans: H&M, shirt: from my sister, vest: thrifted, bracelet and hat: forever21

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