Missing Fall

tgif... no makeup kinda day... necklace: forever 21, sweater: h&m, coffee: perkelat

Is it too soon to miss fall? It's not even over yet but I already miss the colorful crunchy leaves and slightly warmer temperatures. This is my first winter in Minnesota and while I'm assuming the weather is similar to Iowa, everyone keeps telling me how much colder it is up here. 

Living/working in the twin cities is great; there's so much to see and do up here. I miss Iowa sometimes but when I read about what's going on with human services down there, I'm glad to be where I am now. And also... the food in St. Paul/Minneapolis is amazing...

blue door pu

izzy's ice cream

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Anonymous said...

More wonderful pictures! And look at your pretty smile!!!

Miss Franck said...

beautiful smile:)