Homemade challah bread
Every holiday season, I like to make a few loaves of challah. It is so delicious- eggy and sweet! Here is the recipe I use; the only thing I do differently is I use 1 egg and 3 egg yolks instead of 3 eggs. Extra honey is always good, too!

Proofing the yeast
Mixing it up
After adding flour, the dough comes together
A lightly floured surface for kneading
After kneading
Dough rising under a damp cloth on the stove
After the rise

The braiding process begins

Second side of the braid

Tucking the ends of the braid underneath the loaf
Ready to bake
Halfway through the bake

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Jennifer said...

I never knew bread could look so gorgeous! It is like a piece of art with that gorgeous braid, yum!

Anonymous said...

Dat glaze.

It looks better than some of the challah I've gotten at Deli.

Second Breakfast said...

Thanks! Sometimes I braid the challah dough into a circle, which also looks nice, but I like the loaves like these best. Glad you like them too :-)